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Support Family Values 

The "we may never know the answer" refrain is getting old. Stop it with your vote
Stop the Ugly.  Know your enemy. VOTE FOR AMERICA!

We need homeland security!

Republicans gather accusations and rumors against Democrats going back to birth.  They appoint Special Prosecutors using the good old boy method of "impartial" judges. The "victims" are rewarded for supporting lawsuits that justify  a "discovery process" that knows no bounds when governed by Republican judges.  The discovery process was used as a weapon against a public figure. The public figure was "guilty" of not wanting to be embarrassed because he was caught in the world spotlight being human. Such a blackmail method pressures the target into the foolish act of trying to protect himself from the political attack  -- so a "crime" can be created. Entrapment.

Accusations are spread on Republican radio for years at the public's expense.  Republicans show their training as they coordinate speeches, media releases, and leaks.  The Republican rock arsenal is always manned and ready. But, Republicans are "not the issue."

RESPECT for Republicans is demanded for and by the Bush Dynasty. No matter what they have done in their "it's passed history" --  it is forgiven.  This is hypocrisy.  Republicans use Family Values and Christianity as a political weapon. Is that Christ like?  Is there a plan afoot to destroy Christianity by changing the meaning of the word. They first demonized the word "liberal" and then began describing all non-Republican individuals as "liberals".  Unless you TOTALLY agree with ALL their actions, you too are a liberal.  It doesn't matter if you are an American conservative who believes in the wisdom of our imperfect forefathers as they established the American system of government.

Homeland Security

We need homeland security: 

The Dictator Mentality:

Senator Prescott Bush was the president's grandfather. According to classified documents from Dutch intelligence and US government archives,  Prescott Bush made considerable profits off Auschwitz slave labor. In fact, President Bush himself is an heir to these profits from the holocaust which were placed in a blind trust in 1980 by his father, former president George Herbert Walker Bush. So why the outrage?

CIA As A Source Of Power -- Family Connections

Think back on how power was transferred during our most recent "election."  Maybe it's been done before.  Maybe the plotting is just more sophisticated in this new era.

Prescott Bush provided the foundation of the Bush Dynasty. The use of CIA methods and contacts to control political outcomes is a Bush family tradition. Prescott learned the power of secret societies. The use of the CIA was a natural extension for the family. Keeping as low a profile as possible is also a Bush family tradition. It allows family members to avoid questions.  Republicans can use other spokesmen to carry the messages while the family conducts business. 

CIA representative George Bush was mentioned in a JFK investigation document, but his presence was always denied. Bay Of Pig code names could easily have been derived from Bush family names and connections. Was Bush Sr's oil business used as a cover for his international movements? Wasn't George Bush Sr a "natural" when he was appointed by President Ford (of Warren Commission cover-up fame) as CIA Director?  Friends protect friends and determine outcomes.

Did friends that held American hostages in Iran manipulate the outcome of the 1980 Reagan / Bush election?  The Reagan ? Bush victory may have followed secret foreign trips where a deal may have been negotiated. No real investigation was possible due to presidential protections and pardons. Friends protect friends and determine outcomes. 

Did Oliver North engage in foreign manipulations in order to assist in preserving friendships.  Presidential pardons stymied investigators. Friends protect friends. 

Could Foster's "suicide" have been a clever way to harm the Clinton administration? Could it have been orchestrated by some "old friends" as a political assassination?  Did a media mis-direction occur AGAIN to accuse the wrong party?    

In the midst of his father's presidency in 1990, Bush Jr. unloaded his Harken shares for $848,560. Less than two months later, Iraqi troops marched into Kuwait, throwing the oil business into turmoil. Harken shares plummeted and the company reported a $20-million quarterly loss. The Securities and Exchange Commission investigated Bush Jr for improper insider trading but issued no reprimand. At the time, the SEC was headed by Richard Breeden, a former aide to President Bush. 

George Herbert Walker Bush was President from 1989 to January 1993.  He served as CIA Director for 13 months from 1976-7. After leaving the Presidency he was a paid consultant to the Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the nation, which also shares joint investments with the bin Laden family. 

A groomed well financed heir to the dynasty was anointed (Republicans had to take what was available). Bush W. won by appointment after the voting process "fails".  A close web of powerful friends were in place in powerful positions to assure the election's outcome.  Odd that Katherine Harris (friend of Governor Bush) could be BOTH chief vote counter for the state of Florida AND campaign partisan for President Bush.  Friends protect friends and determine outcomes. 
President Bush and Helper
But it's a done deal -- get over it -- Republicans gloat. The voter frauds that determined the election were much GREATER than just the way the vote was counted. But don't be a sore loser. Friends help friends.

[Federal and state investigations can be controlled. Instead -- VOTE THEM OUT OVERWHELMINGLY and make sure this can't happen again. Make the US flag serve Americans' interests.] 

Well coordinated and gleeful Bush-financed Republican vote counters staged a riot at election count offices to further delay the vote count. Everyone knew what was expected. 
The records show that the Bush committee spent a total of $13.8 million to frustrate the
recount of Florida's votes and secure the state's crucial electoral votes for Bush. By
contrast, the Gore recount operation spent $3.2 million, about one quarter of the Bush
total. Bush spent more just on lawyers – $4.4 million – than Gore did on his entire effort.
he Bush committee records show, too, that Bush’s operation paid for the hotel where
the Republican protesters celebrated after the Miami riot at a Thanksgiving Day party.
At the party, the activists received thank-you phone calls from Bush and Cheney, and
were serenaded by crooner Wayne Newton, singing “Danke Schoen,” German for
thank-you very much. [Wall Street Journal, Nov. 27, 2000;'s
"W's Triumph of the Will"]

When the Bush team was "appointed" to office, they immediately demanded allegiance to Bush initiatives as if President Bush had been elected king by a landslide. This attitude continues.  Get the facts about Iraq.

Conspiracy theories!  Some planted to make "conspiracy theories" laughable. A source of amusement on Republican radio and Republican encouraged media and books.  Control. Control. Control. Are you laughing? 

Keep laughing if you find it funny. But who is running the show? Is it really the current heir  -- or a more established Bush Dynasty network?  Even if there is only the tiniest possibility of such manipulation, we need to flee from this dynasty system before it's too late. The "we may never know the answer" refrain is getting old. We need to institute protections for Americans. A new type of homeland security. Elect some clumsy leaders perhaps who haven't been breed to control Americans and the world.

On Being Bush On Being Bush
On Being Bush How far must we go in over-looking the Bush childrens' and sibling's "misbehaviour"?  The family claims it adherence to family values.  Are genetics and training at work.  Like mothers, like fathers, like siblings, like children? Are these YOUR family's values?
A 17 year old Laura Bush drove her car through a Stop sign, killing her finance in the other car at the intersection. No charges were brought?  She doesn't like to talk about it. Although summary records of the incident were finally released by court order during the election, important information was illegible on the released document.  As always, its the effort at cover-up that raises suspicions. 
On Being Bush
Drug Running (Pardons stop investigations and create heroes for Republican talk radio.)
President George W Bush has three brothers and a sister. In addition to Jeb, there are brothers Neil and Marvin; and sister Dorothy.  It's hard to find a story or a photo. They, like George Sr. and George Jr, have been quiet businessmen for most of their lives.  Really? Neil Bush was apparently friends with the Hinkley family -- one of whose members attempted the assassination of Reagan while Bush Sr was Vice President. 

Neil also had trouble with his ethics in financial dealings. But Bush family friends provided funds to settle the substantial lawsuits. In 1999, Neil apparently formed a company that is now heavily involved in designing software for use by Texas teachers. In two rounds of fund raising for his start-up company, Neil Bush was able to raise at least $17.1 million from over 53 investors. Friends helping friends. 

In 1993, Neil was traveling widely in his deal making.  Neil set up shop in the International Hotel in Kuwait City, where he tried to secure a management contract with Kuwait's Ministry of Electricity and Water. Neil's deal included foreign and Kuwaiti members of the Enron consortium, and would have had the Kuwaiti government paying a management fee to a Kuwaiti company that was owned in part by a private company set up in the Caribbean or some other tax haven. 

As an executive of Winston Partners Group, a northern Virginia investment company, Marvin was named to the board of South Florida-based Fresh Del Monte Produce in 1998. The international fruit and vegetable company, run by the Abu-Ghazaleh family, has a board full of Bush family friends. 

The seldom heard from Marvin Bush was apparently also asked to be a director of Stratasec, a secretive Virginia security company that serves international corporations and governments. The company is awash in ex-government security and military personnel. Among them: Barry McDaniel, who served during the Reagan years as deputy director of readiness for the U.S. Army Materiel Command; and retired U.S. Air Force General James A. Abrahamson, who served as director of President Reagan's "Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative. 

KuwAm Corp.: The investment company, with roots in Kuwait (the country "liberated" by President Bush's Gulf War), is a large backer of Stratasec. Stratasec chief executive Wirt Walker also is a managing director of KuwAm. And KuwAm chairman Mishal Yousef Saud Al Sabah also sits on Stratasec's board. 


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Vote for homeland security.  If you have real conservative
values, your help is needed to save America.
America's friends need to help America.

Maybe we should spend a little more time sorting out
some of these family and foreign connections. Maybe the
world has a right to be nervous about this President and his friends.