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V ot e   T e x a s

When Texas calls ...

it's not that you need to trust your government ...

it's that you MUST have a government you can trust.

Answer Texas' Call

Vote Responsibly To Preserve Our Nation

Bush claims Texas -- but does he honor Texas? 

Why is energy planning done in secret guided by the elitist oil brotherhood? Why can't others in the US government ask questions?  Do the benefits trickle down? 

Why do Texans love Republicans? Republican power destroys the Texas economy for most Texans whenever Republicans get control. Money pours in to fund Republican campaigns. Is there pay-back? 

Could previous "leaders" have exchanged drugs / guns / money for American hostages in order to manipulate prior elections for the benefit of Republican candidates? Is there a pattern of successful foreign manipulations "between friends" for mutual profit? 

Were other deals made to ensure the election?  Do we need to take a closer look?   Did Bush gamble with foreign policies -- and did it backfire? Why does the Bush administration always refuse to cooperate with anyone that wants to ask a few questions? 

Why do Republicans demand a free ride even as they constantly throw rocks at Democrats?  And look at the behaviour of those who made speeches while throwing rocks! Weren't they doing worse? Republicans always say: Republicans aren't the issue. 

Maybe they should be.

Texans once understood family values -- and knew how to judge who had them? Texans once understand big business  -- and integrity? Maybe Texans need to take another look at Republicans. Being Texan once meant something. Does it still? 

How's your portfolio doing since the 2000 election?  Have Republicans helped Texas or just themselves to what you had?