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President George W Bush in HumorPresident George W Bush Planning His DictatorshipGeorge looking for the wagon.George looking for the wagon.George looking for the wagon.Bush Looking For The Wagon

The demand: Do It My Way!

I have powerful friends (and diarrhea of the mouth instead of common sense.) I bluster and run - until the danger is behind me - when I land at media events to stand in front of the real leaders as I make my speeches. Mimicking a second rate actor and a first rate manipulator of the past.

I hide behind you. I don't even like you. I love what my friends do for me.  They haven't asked for much -- just what you had.

"Charming" Cheney  - "The Boss"


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld snubbed his German counterpart by refusing a meeting on the sidelines of an informal NATO.


The tactic: Speak loudly and use a money bucket to fund the party. 

"Bush emphasized the threat posed by Iraq during a daylong trip to New Jersey to help raise $1.5 million for Republican Doug Forrester's campaign to unseat New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Torricelli in Nov. 5 mid-term elections."  "The president has shattered fund-raising records, hauling in more than $100 million for individual candidates and the Republican Party. He will pull out all the stops before the election, traveling at least three -- and as many as five -- days a week to campaign."

Wednesday, October 11, 2000 Presidential Debate
BUSH: And so I don't think our troops ought to be used for what's called nation-building.  I think our troops ought to be used to fight and win war. I think our troops ought to be used to help overthrow a dictator that's in our--and it's in our--when it's in our best interests.
Stop the UGLY!

An Oil Crisis

For the first time in the 81-year history of the agency, the comptroller general of the United States went to Federal court to ask a judge to order a member of the executive branch to turn over records to Congress.

Do Republicans use gas profits paid by Americans to reward friends and influence nations?  Have they been at it again? Loving America doesn't mean loving Republicans

Demand homeland security.


Fools Rush InRush In His Perpetual Huff.

Anyone who ever registered to vote as a Democrat is slandered on Republican campaign mailers and on Republican power radio. The sentiment is clear - only the Very Loyal Royal Rich can be REAL Americans. They think -- that you (average Americans) will think -- that they will share. Checked your own broker account lately?
Have you been a Very Loyal Republican from cradle to grave? No, then you must be a LIAR and really a LIBERAL! Republicans must be faithful -- to the few. It has nothing to do with being conservative.

Coordinated groups abusing everything non-Republican. Showing constant disrespect for Americans (Algore! etc.). NOT just during elections - but a constant ugly refrain. Surrounding non-Republican names with streaming "meaningless" garbage-can negative word-images just for -- fun  -- NOTHING to do with facts or issues. Successfully brainwashing the American public with a clearly coordinated media effort (for hours, days, weeks, years, decades on end.) Fun? But who foots the bill?  How is the public forced to pay whether it supports the political campaign or not. Clever or un-American?



Rush and many others continue to refuse to fully disclose the initial and sustaining funding sources for this campaign. Rush says his was a private enterprise. Some suspect illegal tax deductible "charity" dollars at work and deliberate corporate funding that served a clever Gingrinch-type plan? But they refuse to say and the IRS (pressured by Congress and this same media force) has failed to meaningfully investigate such politically active "charities" or undisclosed "paid political advertising".

Are such groups really Christian?  Political contributions are non-deductible, but money goes further when it's not taxed. Is the Christian church being used for other than Christian purposes?  A man's character can be judged by his actions. Is much of Christian radio just a front for Republican controlled radio?

Do Republican leaders really live Christ-like lives -- or do they play us for fools? Have they abused the mainstream Christian community by using it to fund and support their political power grab? Do organizations fully  disclose? Are there fraud claims ripe for class action law-suits?  How was your "charity" money used? Legal?


But even if Rush refuses to publicly disclose, his organizations can't always hide the answers. If there isn't a law requiring that the FCC properly label "paid political advertising"  -- one should be passed. Ask: Is tax deductible business "advertising" (funded by the IRS and the executives of corporate stockholders / investors holding your pension funds) being used to gain Republican control? Is this an abuse of our nation's airwaves? 

Is your pension being well served?  Are your tax dollars?   Did wealthy corporate executives make the decision that tax deductible revenues should fund Republican political advertising on the nation's airwaves?  In recent history, tax policies created pensions that controlled corporations that controlled who gets elected -- and the Gingrich-type plan made use of this development. A few were controlling the political messages dumped on our airwaves. The PUBLIC suffered. It is now too easy for too few to control our government -- and us. Don't believe that the long-term smears and jokes and cheer leading didn't affect all of us as it spread.  A funny distraction?

Keep a record of who pays for the advertising on Republican programs and stations in your area. Do you really need to buy from them? Does your pension own their stock?  Sometimes it's hard to tell. There is more than one way to vote. They say if you don't want to hear them, change the station. Wonder if the Nazi's told the Jews that too?


Funds used to fund "paid political advertising" shouldn't be tax deductible by businesses nor charities nor individuals nor lobbyists nor unions. Political advertising should be LABELED as political advertising. Other rules that serve the public interest in the use of the nation's airwaves should be enacted or enforced.

Our airwaves were meant to provide more balance in order to protect us from abuse. Can anyone really say that numerous Republican controlled stations and programs are fair, balanced, or serve the public interest when they clearly serve only ONE party's interests. 

Do you really need this abusive machine to tell you how to think day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade? If it's needed, shouldn't it labeled. Shouldn't there be a constant reminder that this is paid political advertising -- not news or community discussions. Suggested label: Constant listening to paid political advertising may be harmful to your mind. 

How should such political advertising be funded? Should a small group of people force all of us to pay for it?


Talent on loan from God?????????

Brain Washers Brain Washers Brain Washers
Brain Washers Repeat the lies - 
Pound In The Lies -- and call them TRUTH!
Demand Family Values

Where's the ethics? 

The Ugly Republicans!

Pledge your support to save Americans from the UGLY REPUBLICANS who claim family values they don't possess.

Check your pension funds. Were you better off before the Ugly Republicans took over the nation's money management?


Show a few more Ugly Republicans the door. Make them count your vote. An overwhelming response is needed to save your country from the power brokers before it's too late.

Bob sent home.Caught lying under oath - Gin grinch was an embarrassment.

Unfair? What have the Republicans stuffed in your mailbox lately? Bet it wasn't THE TRUTH! Was the message just filled with meaningless UGLY. The Republican machine is so clever in its advertising. Maybe Americans need old fashion politics where candidates make individual mistakes -- instead of politics that's so slick and so well organized and so greedy.

Wake up America!  Speak out against the UGLY -- for the sake of our country.

Stop the UGLY! Stop the UGLY! Stop the UGLY! Stop the UGLY! Stop the UGLY!

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